Loloma foundation

Keeping Paradise Healthy

The Loloma Foundation’s mission is to provide sustainable medical,  dental and infrastructure support to rural communities in the South  Pacific who would otherwise have no access to basic healthcare.

The Loloma Foundation is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit  corporation, established in 2001.  The board members consist of six  medical, dental and business professionals who share a common goal of  improving the lives of the people of the South Pacific.

Results & Impact

In the last 15 years the Loloma Foundation has accomplished the following:

  • Shipped and distributed  $32M worth of medication and medical and dental supplies and equipment to Fiji and the Solomon Islands
  • Organized and implemented 60 medical/dental missions in 150 Fijian and Solomon Island villages
  • 90,000 patients have been treated by our volunteer physicians
  • 382 cataract surgeries have been performed
  • 520 general surgeries have been performed
  • 8,700 dental patients have been seen
  • The Loloma Foundation believes that it is also important to build a  healthy community, beyond providing basic medical and dental care.  We  strive to enable people to do for themselves.  Welfare does not build  character. To achieve that end, we are committed to the following:
  • Joint funding (co-financed with village participation) of sustainability projects:
  • Village solarization
  • Clean water through catchment and storage tanks
  • Stocking libraries with children’s and adult books
  • Building Kindergartens in rural villages
  • Providing educational materials to Kindergartens
  • Training teachers who are certified by the Fiji Kinde Project
  • Scholarships for primary and secondary school students
  • Village bakery businesses

Taveuni presence

Taveuni is blessed to have great support from the Loloma Foundation for many years. Many local resorts and people is lending a hand to Loloma's great work like Matagi Island Resort, Aroha Taveuni, Nakia Resort and Laucala Island Resort.

Vinaka Loloma!