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Varun (Baba) was born and raised in Taveuni and has over 25 years experience in hospitality. Knowing the island and surrounding waters like the back of his hand he is the perfect Tour Guide for your stay in Taveuni. 

Taveuni, the Garden Island of Fiji is a mountain range of 1241m tall which is the second highest in Fiji. One-third of the Island is a preserved rainforest which means you will find a wonderful variety of birds some of which are rare and endemic to Fiji.

If you are lucky enough you will see a selection of birds in the wild such as the elusive Orange (Flame) Dove, Multi-Coloured Fruit Dove, Golden Dove, Spotted Fantail, Red Shining Parrot, Collared Lory, Giant Forest Honey Eater, Azure (blue crested) Flycatcher, Fiji Golden Whistler, Fiji Bush Warbler, Shrikebill and many more!

Black Noddy

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Orange Dove
Golden Whistler
Spotted Fantail
Juvenille Goshawk
Adult Goshawk
Red Footed Booby

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You can travel in style in our air-conditioned vehicle. Picnics can be arranged on request for any of the tours.

Red Shining Parrot

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