Aloha Taveuni Tours, Transfers & Rentals

Aloha Taveuni Tours, Transfers & Rentals

Bula and Aloha! Samir and Akanisi welcome you to our beautiful island home of Taveuni. There is no other place that’s more Fiji than Taveuni. Here’s where people have a lot of time on their hands to talk to you. There is so much to do here if you are looking for something very local. We take people to places where they leave their heart behind.

Your own Personal Tour Guide

Here are some of the Tours we do:

  • The Lavena Coastal Walk and boat ride
  • The Tavoro Waterfalls and hike
  • The Pearl Farm 
  • Village tour
  • The International Dateline and Waterslide
  • The Catholic Church and Naqara
  • The Blowholes
  • Des Vouex Peak and the Lake Tagimoucia
  • Local guides can be arranged
  • We run errands for you

We also do Taxi and Transfers from the airport to different resorts. 

Car Rentals

If you like to drive yourself, we also have rental vehicles that you can take. 4 wheel drive SUVs and Prius to suit your needs. Well maintained and clean vehicles that we can deliver to your doorstep. 

Travelling in a group? No problem we have minivans that can cater for up to 15 people.

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