Lake Tagimoucia & De Voeux Peak

Explore the Highlands of Taveuni


The Tagimoucia (pronounced tahng-ee-mow-theea) is the official flower of Fiji and what makes it so unique is that it only grows here on Taveuni and nowhere else in the world! 

Legend says that the flowers were the result of the tears shed by a Fijian Princess who ran away into the forests after her father arranged her marriage. It is believed that she fell asleep while crying and her tears turned into the Tagimoucia flower. “Tagi” in the local vernacular means to cry while “moce” means sleep.

It can be found flowering between October and January on the shores of the Lake Tagimoucia. People come from all over the world to see this rare and beautiful flower.

Lake Tagimoucia is an old volcanic crater in the mountains that rise above Somosomo and Naqara. It is a long hike by foot through dense rainforest to find the shores of the lake but well worth the expedition. It is advisable to have a guide go along with you to help navigate the rainforest. It is also possible to do part of the trip by 4WD vehicle.

Photo Credit: John Game

De Voeux Peak

Close to 2000m above sea level is Fiji’s second highest peak – Uluigalua. This mountain peak dominates the Taveuni skyline and is also home to a volcanic crater that forms Lake Tagimoucia which is home to the famous Tagimoucia flower. 

Also on the island is Des Voeux Peak which reaches up to 1195 m in height. On a clear day the views from the peak are fantastic and it is possible to see Lake Tagimoucia and the islands of the Lau Group. Birdwatching is great here every day. 

Allow three to four hours to walk the 6km up and at least two to return. It is a steep, arduous climb in the heat so it is best to start early.

It is possible to drive (4WD) with a guide part of the way up. It is also possible to pick up a guide from the local village to go with you and this is well worth it for the local knowledge.

Both trips to Lake Tagimoucia and De Voeux Peak can be arranged by your resort or any of the Tour Guides below.