Bouma National Park

The Best Hiking in the World

Immerse yourself in magnificent waterfalls, rivers, lush tropical rainforests, and miles of secluded beaches at Bouma National Park.

Tavoro Waterfalls

Bouma National Park is the most iconic landmark in Taveuni and is where you will experience the complete charm, diversity and harmony of our beautiful island. 

The stunning Tavoro Waterfalls at Bouma each have their own natural swimming pools. The first waterfall only a 10 minute walk along a flat accessible path.

The second and third waterfalls are another hours hike in total, each with pools to cool off. The path is quite steep in places but has steps and lookout spots to rest. 

Entry price $50.00 FJD per person

If you’re lucky enough you will meet one of the guardians of the waterfalls – the most beautiful purple crabs. They are full of character and will keep an eye on you as you make your way up to the waterfalls. 

Lavena Coastal Walk

Where the rainforest meets the ocean.

The Lavena Coastal Walk is the most beautiful hike in Taveuni and shows off the island’s stunning coastline. You will walk alongside white sandy beaches and then black volcanic beaches all overshadowed by the stunning Bouma National Park.

The hike starts at Levana village and weaves it’s way through a well maintained trail. You will pass by remote villages and friendly locals and at the end of the 5km walk you will be rewarded by the most perfect waterfalls you have ever seen. Cool off and rest in this secluded spot and enjoy a picnic before your return walk. 

Entry price $35.00 FJD per person

Photo Credit: Tourism Fiji

Vidawa Rainforest Hike

One of the 3 trek trail in the Bouma Heritage National Park, this trail is a great place to see birds and spend a day in this lush greenery.

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