South Cape Blowholes

South Cape, Taveuni

A visit to South Cape Blowholes and Vuna Village is highly recommended.

South Cape Blowholes

The South Cape blowholes at the southern tip of Taveuni are quite spectacular to watch in action and makes a great rest stop when visiting southern Taveuni.

This dramatic natural feature is created by water rushing in between black volcanic rocks on the edge of coral-rich Vuna Reef and crashing against the island’s stoney coastline into the small crevices and shooting up to 50 metres into the air. This sees the sprouting water turn into a misty white veil.

Your Tour Guide which make sure you visit at the right time for the tides so that you can see the blowholes in all their glory.  It is also in the vicinity of quiet beaches which are ideal for a picnic lunch.

Vuna Village

It is worth visiting the village of Vuna whilst you are in the south of the island. Vuna was the original paramount village on Taveuni before tribal warfare in 1860s established Somosomo to be the village of supremacy.

Vuna willage is known for its tapa bark cloth and woven mats. The women work hard to prepare the pandanus leaves by boiling them, stripping them with shells to remove thorny edges, then drying the leaves on racks for days until they are dry enough to weave into beautifully handcrafted mats.