Bobby's Farm

Nabogiono Forest Park

Reconnect with Mother Nature on this award winning Forest Park

Bobby's Farm

A trip to Bobby’s Farm in the South of Taveuni is not to be missed. The homestead is nearly 100 acres of pristine jungle which boasts a rich and natural habitat for wildlife and nature. 

Nabogiono Farm (known locally as Bobby’s Farm) in the South of Taveuni provides wonderful guided tours that connects guests with mother nature. Your senses will fully awaken when you experience the hidden treasure here. The birds are not just heard but also seen in their natural habitat.

There is a birdwatching tour for 1 hour that starts at first light.

There is also a 3 hour guided morning tour that includes a buffet lunch. During the walk Bobby will explain about the traditional medicinal plants and you will be able to experience tasting different types of fruit. Bobby’s Farm provide a vegan buffet lunch of which most of the food served is garden to table.

Bobby’s Farm tour is much loved by all our visitors and well worth booking up during your stay. Speak to your resort about the tour and they will book this for you or contact one of our Tour Guides.

Forest Park Background

  • The FDB’s 2019 National SME Winner of the Year
  • Forest Park enterprise operates under three key pillars of conservation, education, and ecotourism.
  • The 100 acres of forestland is actually home to various wildlife flora, fauna, and native species. The business arm operates in order to generate enough income to maximize biodiversity conservation.
  • The business promotes conservation for 35 years now. The agroforestry inspired integrated farming allows 70% of the food served for tourists to be “farm to table”. Guests pick their food straight from the farm.
  • The farmhouse and the Lodge are 100% reliant on solar energy. Rainwater is harvested to meet basic needs and green waste produced at the lodge are recycled back into the farm as manure.
  • Straws are made from plant stalks and through such practices the SME promotes wider environmental awareness for sustainable development and ecological stewardship.
  • Trees from the forest that were damaged during TC Winston are now being cleared for sustainable logging and for making furniture.
Excusions Taveuni enjoying lunch at Bobby's Farm