Connect with Nature

Taveuni offers the best bird watching Fiji. Over 100 species of bird can be found here. Try Des Voeux Peak at dawn for a chance to see the elusive Orange Dove which is endemic to Taveuni and can be spotted in certain areas along with the silktail. Avid birdwatchers also recommend the Vidawa Rainforest Trail and the forested Lavena coast is also a good spot to see orange or flame doves, Fiji goshawks, wattled honeyeaters, parrots and grey and white herons.  

Wings & Fins Tours Taveuni

Wings & Fins Tours will take you to the best spots in Taveuni from Des Voeux Peak to Bouma Waterfalls in search of world class birding opportunities.

Bobby's Farm

Bobby’s Farm tour is much loved by all our visitors and well worth booking up during your stay.  There is a birdwatching tour for 1 hour that starts at first light.