Planning Your Unforgettable Trip to Taveuni

The Taveuni Region includes Taveuni Island, Qamea, Matangi and Laucala Island in addition to Viani Bay and Sau Bay on the South East tip of Vanua Levu. These beautiful islands any bays are bound together by the Rainbow Reef and are accessible from Taveuni. As well as Vanua Levu, Kioa and Rabi are also our neighbouring islands. Getting to Taveuni and exploring our region is easier than you think.

Read our essential guide to know what to expect when planning your trip.

Getting to Taveuni

Travelling to Taveuni is just a quick hop from Nadi International Airport and is much easier than you might think. Several international airlines fly into Nadi and they may fly you direct to Taveuni as part of your ticket. If not there are two main flight operators who can fly you to Taveuni. These are Fiji Airway’s Fiji Link and Northern Air

If you are travelling within Fiji before coming to Taveuni there are other options. Goundar shipping have ferry routes twice a week from Viti Levu and daily from Vanua Levu. Please contact us below to find out more information.

Getting Around

There are plenty of taxis and Tour Guides to get you around and they are all very reasonably priced. If you are feeling adventurous then there are daily buses that travel from Vuna in the South, right around the North of the island and on to Lavena. The buses are very inexpensive and considered to be a real cultural experience! Ask your resort or a local for bus times.

What to Bring

We often tell guests that if you can’t do without it, then bring it with you! Shops and supplies are limited here as we are a remote island. Whilst there is a doctor and emergency services, there is currently no pharmacy so make sure you stock up before you travel.

Essential Travel Tips

There is one Bank (BSP) with an ATM in Naqara. If you need a small amount of local currency you can change it up whilst you are here. Most but not all shops take cards although there will almost certainly be a fee (anything up to 5%).

There are two main phone providers (Digicel and Vodafone) and you can purchase SIM cards on Taveuni or at Nadi airport en-route.

There are a few small supermarkets here but if you have dietary requirements then let your resort know in advance or bring any essential items with you.

If you are going around the shops and villages please adhere to the local dress code so as not to offend. Swimwear/beachwear and or revealing clothing etc is considered inappropriate when you’re not on the beach so please respect our locals. A sulu (sarong) and T-shirt over your beachwear would be acceptable and please remove any headwear or sunglasses when entering a local village. Please remove your shoes before entering a Fijian home or place of worship.

Check with your Tour Guide if you are unsure of the etiquette. 

Tipping is not expected in Fiji but you won’t offend anyone if you do. 

Taveuni Tourism Association (TTA)

This website is owned and maintained by the Taveuni Tourism Association (TTA). The TTA is a group of Resorts and Business owners on Taveuni and surrounding islands who are working together to promote our region as we strive for sustainable tourism.

The TTA’s mission is for Taveuni to become and remain the premier South Pacific destination for nature walking, scuba-diving, cultural experiences and other eco-tourism activities. We believe we can do this through working together and maintaining a balance with our local communities

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