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Private Diving – Private Resort – White Wall daily available

About Us

Enjoy truly personalised diving, freediving and dive courses up to PADI Pro at the famous Rainbow Reef. Located in Viani Bay, we can call the White Wall our house reef, where we dive almost daily.

Our Diving

Have you ever dreamt about diving with manta rays or observing the abundance of life on a reef? Give it a try with our Intro Dives. As a diver wanting to expand your skills choose from the range of our PADI courses and specialties or take the challenge to become a PADI Pro. Experience the silence and tranquility without scuba gear as a PADI Freediver. Now is the time to start and upgrade your dive adventure. Courses available in English, German, French, Fijian.

Other Activities

As well as snorkelling we also offer Freediving.
In only 2 days you can become a certified PADI Freediver. Jone is the first Fijian PADI Freediving Instructor, practiced since his childhood and built a Freediving community in Frankfurt/Germany. He teaches you to relax, listen to your body and improve your techniques to enhance the time you comfortably spend under water with just one breath.