Dive Shops

Dive the World Famous Rainbow Reef with our Fantastic Dive Shops

Taveuni’s amazing underwater experiences should be on every dive enthusiast’s bucket list. Warm ocean and great visibility make this the best place on earth for diving. Be sure not to miss out and contact any of our friendly Taveuni Dive Shops for more information.

Dive Academy Fiji

Private Diving – White Wall daily available

Dolphin Bay Divers

Let’s go diving, it’s a great day to breathe underwater!

Garden Island Resort

Overlooking the Somosomo Strait and Rainbow Reef

Salt Diver

Experience the world-famous Rainbow Reef

Sau Bay Retreat

The only luxury “on the reef resort” with its own dive operation.

Paradise Dive

Located between the Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef.

Taveuni Dive Resort

Resort to Reef in 20 Minutes, Every Day.

Taveuni Ocean Sports

The most Personalized Water Sports Adventures in all of Fiji

Click and Zoom through our Interactive Map to see where our Taveuni Dive Shops are located.