Taveuni Culture and Communities

The Way The World Should Be

The unique culture and traditions of Taveuni is what makes this part of Fiji so special.  This is an island of truly wonderful people who all greet you with a constant smile. The native population possess little of a material nature and yet are considered the happiest people on earth.

The World's most friendly people

A visit to Taveuni is certainly the most ideal way to truly experience the warmth and genuine hospitality of the Fijian people. It will affect the way you view life many years after you return home. Common on Taveuni is a to see departing visitors with teardrops in their eyes. This special island is a place where everyone wishes they could stay a bit longer, if not forever.

You will discover how life should really be when you come to Taveuni.

Village Visits - what to expect

The Fijian traditions are centred around ceremonies and events that bond the community. Uniquely, these are still practised today and a village visit is the best way to experience the real culture. 

Historically, Taveuni was owned and controlled by two distinct Chieftainship. Tikina o Vuna from the south and one on the north of Taveuni. The Tui Cakau is the paramount chief of the Province of Cakaudrove which Taveuni falls under. His residence is in Somosomo and thus these two villages have traditional chiefly roles.


A village visit will be the highlight of your stay in Taveuni. You will experience first hand how the local people live in a traditional Fijian community and moreover, they will welcome you in experiencing their lifestyle. In addition you will see demonstrations such as basket making, mat weaving, coconut husking and fire making. You will also see how a lovo, the traditional earth oven, is prepared.

Yaqona, also known as Kava, is the traditional Fijian drink. You will be able to see how this is prepared and also take part in a ceremony.

Ladies are asked to have covered shoulders and for all to remove hats and sunglasses when entering the village. Bring your sulu to wear when entering the local villages because this is seen as a sign of respect to our local village neighbours.

Across the Somosomo Strait

Across the Somosomo Strait in Viani Bay you will find Dakuniba village. Here you can visit the waterfall hike and see the ancient stone carvings.

Situated next to Taveuni are the islands of Kioa and Rabi. Day trips are available to visit these wonderful Pacific Island nations. Rabi island is known for its entertaining dancers. It is also a great place to spot Manta Rays! The Island of Kioa is known for the best handicrafts in Fiji. Arrange a visit with your Tour Guide or Resort.

Many of the resorts in Taveuni offer Lovo nights with Meke for tourists to experience this wonderful event. Meke is the traditional style of dance which is a combination of dance and story-telling through song.

Ask your Resort or Tour Guide to arrange a Village Visit for you so that you can experience true Fijian hospitality for yourself.

Taveuni Dateline Handicraft Market

Taveuni Dateline Handicraft Market is an opportunity for tourists to take home a piece of Taveuni and furthermore they are also supporting families by buying gifts from the Handicraft Market.

Women will often gather in groups with babies and children playing next to them whilst they weave. Weaving patterns are passed down through generations proving that village life is still the foundation of Fijian society.

Masi and tapa are names for bark cloth. This art form is practised in many regions of the South Pacific and in several areas of Fiji too. Masi has many uses including a ceremonial dress, wall decorations and table mats. These make a great souvenir for visitors to take home.

You can find our new Handicraft Market at the International Dateline in Waiyevo. Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to support our local women.

Passionate Friends of Taveuni - Making a Difference

Rotary Club of Taveuni

The Rotary Club in Taveuni is a very active Club. The Rotarians contribute immensely every year in health and education projects. If you would like to find out more then click on the button below.

Loloma Foundation

The Loloma Foundation’s mission is to support the medical and dental systems in the South Pacific. In operation since 2001, they have treated more than 90,000 patients who would otherwise have access to little or no healthcare. Click the button below to read more.

Taveuni Animal Lovers

Taveuni Animal Lovers are a not for profit organisation relying strictly on donations for their services. They bring volunteer veterinarians to the remote villages in Taveuni. In doing so they provide much needed veterinary care to the under-served communities. Furthermore they provide much need education on animal birth control. If you would like to find out how you can help, click on the link below.